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Tuning kit EVO 1

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For perfect function, the special tuning/mapping (included) and the Akrapovic EVO exhaust (not included) are required. The tuning kit calibrated specifically for the bike generates more torque and a perceptible increase in performance. Complete with open air filter box cover.
Only for the racetrack.

An increase in engine power requires a higher level of vehicle component control and results in shorter service intervals. - The air filter box lid may only be used in combination with the optional Akrapovic complete system 76505099000 + 76505907100 and the associated mapping. - Regularly check the air filter when using the open air filter box lid, clean it (for correct cleaning of the air filter, see the owner's manual of the vehicle) and replace it if necessary. KTM recommends checking after every offroad use or after 1000 km of road use. - When using the optional foam air filter 76506115000, it must be fit to the cover by grinding down the sealing flange of the air filter from 10 mm to 8 mm. This is necessary to install the components together. 

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